Help to settle into a new school

Steve* from Oldham has recently been awarded full custody of his children, which has meant that he has had to place the children in a new school. He is on long term sickleave from work due to an accident, so his income is low. He had already had a lot of expenditure due to moving his children into his home, but he still needed to purchase school uniforms for the children, aged 7 and 9 so that they could attend their new school.

He was anxious that the children would be able to settle into their new school after being uprooted, and the need for the uniform was a worry for Steve.

Acts 435 donors stepped in to help him, and his children, with these much-needed uniforms. On receiving the money, and purchasing the uniforms, Steve said:

Me and my boys would like to say the biggest thank you to you all for the school uniforms. It`s been a big upheaval for the boys to leave their familiar school and friends behind. It was so important for them to look and feel like they belonged in their new school. They have settled in now and made new friends, as children do, but I am sure that having their new uniform has been a big part of giving them the confidence to do this. I had asked other places for help, before I found out about Acts 435, and they were all unable to offer us any help with this, particularly with it being mid-school year. The boys know that the kindness of people has made it possible for them to get their uniform, as I feel it is an important example to them. Thanks again. Your donations have made a big difference to our lives.

*name changed for anonymity