Help with children's shoes

This single mum was attending her local Social Supermarket, who could provide her with food but they asked for the support of Acts 435 to help provide the funds for cost of shoes for her three children. Here's what the local Advocate said:

"S came into our Social Supermarket asking if we could support her with food, as they are struggling to pay the bills. Every penny counts and the cost of living crisis has hit them extremely hard. Her three children all need school shoes and uniforms, and she is so desperate to keep on top of everything and support her children, as she doesn't want them to suffer. We can ensure they are fed, but we need your support. Please can you help this kind and caring mum to provide shoes and clothes for her children?"

Acts 435 donors stepped in to help, and provided the funds for shoes. Here is what S said on receiving the money:

Unbelievable, I never thought I would ever be able to go to a shop and buy my children new shoes! Thank you so much, the smiles on my children's faces made me feel very proud. You are all such amazing people, thank you so much for the donation.