Help with fuel and electricity

This couple lost their home and have had to move to rented accommodation. This has been a big drain on their resources, and also on their outlook. They are having difficulty getting Universal Credit, and all available funds were used to get their car back on the road. They needed a small amount of money for the electricity meter and some money for their car, as the wife works fourteen hours a day in a care home for three/four days a week and needs the car to travel there.

Acts 435 donors generously gave help with these costs, and on finding out this news L said:

"When I lost my house I felt crushed. My wife and my son thought no one cared, and to get Universal Credit was impossible. The help that we have received to put the electricity on, and put petrol in our car to get to work, is amazing. We no longer feel totally alone in the world. We have been lifted up by the help we received. Thank you so much."