Helping at a time of crisis

Nigel* was being supported by our local partner church in Bodmin, who posted a request for him when he needed it most.

Nigel is a former serviceman, and is self-employed, working as a bush craft and survival expert. Unfortunately, his work dried up over the winter months, and he was struggling to warm his home. Nigel was looking for more stable employment to tide him over until the spring, when he hoped his job would pick back up again but in the meantime, he needed the funds to heat his home.

The local partner posted a request for help with Nigel's fuel costs, which was quickly met by wonderful Acts 435 donors. On receiving the money to put onto his meters, Nigel said:

"This is just a letter of thanks to all of the donors at Acts 435. I don't know how much of my situation you folks know, but I have been self-employed for the last seventeen years. I am a former serviceman and have always had a 'can do' attitude. I have been used to doing everything on my own with no back up from anyone else. (My family has never really had two pennies to rub together). In recent days I have found everything going wrong. Loss of students from my work, which would normally see me through the dark months, has been a contributing factor, leaving me in a situation where, at one stage, I had become suicidal, as I could see no way out. I am now receiving attention for my mental health and am also in contact with the folks at Walking with the Wounded. My electric is due to be running out today so the timing of this is pretty much perfect. £150 is a massive amount of money to me at this current time, so it's hugely appreciated and represents at least a month and a half of electricity for my bedsit. I am not a massively emotional man, I never have been, but this means so much to me that I find myself crying as I type this. Once again, thank you so very much. I am not going to say that you have no idea how much this means to me, as most likely you do, but I would like to say that donations from nice people like yourselves actually save lives."

Nigel was supported when he needed it most, providing warmth for his home, but also relief when he was struggling with his mental health. The request provided a lifeline for Nigel, and does for many Acts 435 recipients.

*name changed