Helping to bridge the gap

Mel* is a single mum, and she has recently managed to clear all her debts. She has also just started a new, better paid job which will help the family enormously. However, her new work is a long way from home so her travelling costs have increased, and she was also informed that she has to work two weeks in advance. This meant that, after paying for rent, school pack-ups, bus and tram passes and food, she couldn't afford to put the electricity and gas on. Her neighbours were helping her with hot meals, but she was anxious not to get into more debt after just being released from the burden.

Acts 435 donors stepped in to help bridge the gap before she got paid, which meant that Mel and her children could have gas and electric, and could cook hot meals again. It also meant that Mel didn't face getting into more debt, and could continue her fresh start after all the effort she had put in to clearing her debts and finding new employment.

On receiving the gift, Mel said:

"I work hard, long hours and, with the kids at school, it’s even harder on what little financial help I have. I am really struggling, but this massive help you are giving my family is great and it’s one less worry. I know that I can put food in the slow cooker and the kids will have a hot tea when I get home - one hot meal a day is fabulous. Thank you for sharing your kindness by donating to my family."

*name changed