Helping to give dignity through choice

Kath* is a single mum to four children and they have had a really rough few years as a family, needing to flee domestic violence which has turned their whole lives upside down. They have been through a period of homelessness, as the perpetrator found out where they were again and damaged the house so badly that the landlord evicted them. They now have what they hope is their forever home, but needed a fridge freezer as theirs was damaged in the last attack.

Acts 435 donors stepped into the gap to help, and the money was raised for Kath to go and buy her own fridge freezer, giving her a sense of dignity she hadn't felt in a while. She said:

Thank you so much for helping my family to buy a fridge freezer. My kids have had such a rough few years really and being homeless has been really tough on them. I feel like I lost all my dignity through this process, but slowly I am taking control of my life back. It might not be a lot to some people, but being able to pick my own fridge freezer has just been a breath of fresh air, just to have a choice. We've had to eat a lot of processed foods and, now we have storage, I can do an actual food shop and start cooking with the kids again, which is going to help us connect more again and help them feel more settled. Honestly, just thank you, I don't know how else to show how grateful I am and what this means to us.

*name changed