Helping to keep a dear friend

Our partner charity in Scarborough have been supporting M for 15 years, and know him well. They know how vulnerable he is, and that his cat is his "closest and dearest friend". However, his cat needed treatment at the vets, and the charity wanted to support him in finding these fees.

The funds couldn't be sourced through the People's Dispensary for Sick Animals as they do not cover the situation, and so the Acts 435 Advocate posted the need on the Acts 435. She wrote:

He is on very basic benefits and can't afford the vet bill and medication that comes to £110. We don't want him to lose his cat until there is no other option, as we fear for his mental health.

Acts 435 donors stepped in to help M, and his cat, and relieve him from the worry of losing his pet and friend. Here is what the local Advocate then had to say when M knew that the money had been raised and they could help him to arrange the treatment:

Thank you so much for your kindness to M. He has had such a tough life and doesn't come across kindness very often, so the fact that someone cared enough to help save his cat is so amazing to him. She has been to the vet and has treatment in place now. M has said he has finally stopped worrying about it. Thank you!

At Acts 435 we love to enable people-to-people giving for a variety of needs, all of which will have an impact on an individual in their moment of crisis, just like M. If you can give to someone's one-off need, take a look at the requests for help on our website.