Helping to rebuild lives

Z, from Brighton, is a young lady who works for the NHS. She recently experienced a sudden, unexplained trauma that has resulted in several weeks in an Induced Coma. Although the doctors are certain that the danger to life is past, Z suffers from flashbacks and has been requiring counselling to help her through this difficult period. In speaking to her local Advocate, and explaining this need, he posted a requests onto the Acts 435 website, asking for help towards private counselling sessions to complement the ones offered by her doctor.

Z was so thankful to be able to attend these counselling sessions, which would enable her to rebuild her life after such a traumatic experience. Here is what Z had to say in response to the gift from Acts 435 donors:

"Four weeks ago my life changed suddenly. One day I was at work, the next in the Intensive Care Unit under an induced Coma, with doctors baffled as they tried to find out what was happening to my brain and body. I am home now, but the journey to recovery has only just begun and it really has affected the mental health of both myself and my husband. We accepted an offer of counselling and this gift will be used wisely and effectively as we rebuild our lives. Thanks too to God for his enduring mercy, as he uses our testimony to share the good news with others. Thank you so much from both of us."

...this gift will be used wisely and effectively as we rebuild our lives.