Holding on to a fresh start with a smile

J was suffering from severe dental pain, and without an NHS dentist and a tight budget she needed help. She turned to her local Acts 435 Advocate. Not only did she need to be relieved of the pain, she also needed the help so that she could stick to her budget, and make sure she continued to stay debt free.

J, a recovered addict, is a lone parent of two who has just gone debt free with Christians Against Poverty. She has a very limited and unsustainable budget, with an ongoing appeal for her Personal Independence Payment claim, with local authority support. Due to a move to escape domestic abuse two years ago, she cannot get an NHS dentist. She was in a lot of dental main, and needed four extractions and fillings. She has had to have repeated antibiotics to control painful mouth infections.

Our partner church wanted to help raise the fund for her to have private treatment. They covered part of the costs with their own Mercy fund, but needed the final £150 to cover the cost.

Acts 435 donors stepped in to help cover the final amount so that J could go ahead with the treatment. J, and the church, were so grateful for this generosity and here is what the local Advocate at the church had to say:

J was in continuous dental pain and unable to get NHS dental treatment, due to a move to escape domestic abuse. She turned to the church for help and the church Mercy fund responded and made a request to Acts 435 to finance the remaining £150 needed to provide Private Dental Treatment. We are delighted to say that treatment commenced on 5th Jan 2023 and, after an hour in the chair with the extraction of a wisdom tooth, J is now feeling a lot more comfortable. She is booked in for more extractions and treatment later this month, and is so grateful to be relieved of this very problematic tooth which has caused her much pain over the last couple of years. J is so looking forward to being able to eat normal food again soon. This would not have been possible without your kind generosity. Thank you for caring for this young mum.

This generosity will not only be to leave this mum without pain, it will also enable her to keep to her tight budget, and continue to be debt free.