Keeping warm after disaster

Lena* and her husband have sought debt help from one of our local partner churches. They are struggling on a low income, due to the husband developing heart problems and arthritis, making it impossible for him to work and causing Lena to work longer hours. Before Christmas they discovered that their oil tank had leaked into the garden of their rented house, causing the loss of 300 litres of oil which they cannot afford to replace. The cold home was exacerbating the husband's arthritis, and they couldn't see a way forward. Thanks to the generosity of Acts 435 donors they received a new tank of oil, and the local Advocate said:

They were so delighted when I told them that we had ordered the oil for her, as they were completely out of oil following the break in the pipe which had caused the loss of all the oil in her tank. Due to their financial situation, a refill would have been impossible and your gift means that they are able to keep warm without increasing their electric costs. This lady has asked me to thank you for your generosity which she considered totally unexpected. Thank you!