One less thing to worry about...

"Her children having a hot meal in the day is one less thing for her to worry about."

Yolanda* is a homeless, single mother of four children who is currently living in temporary accommodation. She works 16 hours per week, and therefore, is not eligible for her children to receive free school meals. Living in temporary accommodation with children is very challenging, especially cooking and providing meals for them. Yolanda needed some financial support to help provide the children with school meals.

The local Advocate in Manchester posted a request for help with £150 to put onto her school meal account, which was quickly met by Acts 435 donors. The local Advocate then said:

"Our advocacy worker met with Yolanda yesterday and was able to add £75 each onto the accounts of two of Yolanda's children who have school dinners. At this point, there was just £2.50 left on the accounts which isn't really enough for one child to have a meal, so the timing could not have been better. Without this funding, Yolanda would need to provide sandwiches for their lunches, which would increase her shopping bill, but also the logistics when living in temporary accommodation isn't easy. Her children having a hot meal in the day is one less thing for her to worry about. She is truly thankful for the donations, as are the team at Lodge Road Community Church. Blessings."