Prevented from drowning in debt

As a charity we are seeing more and more people whose finances are being impacted by the rising cost of energy prices, as well as other household bills and items. This gentleman in Liverpool recently asked for help, and our partner charity was able to post a request for him:

"This gentleman was referred to us recently after their finances had been impacted by rising energy prices. He had already put a payment plan in place with his energy providers, however they have now increased his direct debit amount even more. He is now unable to pay for all of his outgoings and is struggling to make ends meet. This support would allow him to keep on top of his payments for the next month and put some plans in place to reduce other outgoings and keep his head above water."

Acts 435 donors stepped in to help with the next months payment, which enabled him to have the breathing space to figure out how he was going to be able to afford everything. Once the request had been met, the local Advocate said this:

"Thank you for your support, this was such a blessing to the client! Your kindness has made such a difference at such a difficult time, he had no idea how he was going to tackle his arrears along with the rising energy bills which are particularly troublesome for him as he could not cover all of his outgoings. You have truly prevented him from drowning in debt."