Providing hope and support

Recently Acts 435 donors and the local Advocate from the West Midlands were able to support a family when they needed it most. This family needed to move home and relocate for their own safety and protection from the family's dad but also for the protection of the 15-year-old son who had been exploited. The mum was unable to fully furnish their home, due to lack of finances and support. The request from the Advocate was for bedroom carpets, which Acts 435 donors gave towards, and which was very gratefully received.

The local Advocate was very grateful to be able to support this family, and received extra feedback from their family support worker: "Our young person has been relocated, due to being criminally exploited by a gang who used deception and coercion to force this young person to become involved with the distribution of drugs and county lines. It has been an incredibly scary time for our young person, coming to a new area, having no friends here and having to adapt to a new home.

Mum has; unfortunately, had to leave her previous employment in order to relocate, meaning she currently lacks the finances required to finish touching up the house, in order to make it a home. With the help of your kind donations, the upstairs has now been carpeted and the house has a much warmer feel. With the two bedrooms now being complete, our young person and their mum each have a safe and calm space they can retreat to when needing a minute. You have provided hope and support to a family who are at rock bottom – thank you so much."