Providing support, and helping recovery

After retiring Maureen* started volunteering at one of our partner social supermarkets. As the local Advocate said she was keeping it "clean and tidy, and giving something back", which was great for Maureen's well being.

Her son treated her to a weekend away to celebrate her retirement, but while she was away, Maureen suffered a stroke and, after many tests, a blood clot was found on her brain.

Thankfully, after a major operation and a few complications, she is recovering well. However, the stress of travelling a round trip of 74 miles weekly for a month and then fortnightly for up to six months was causing more stress and worry for her and her son. Maureen couldn't afford the cost of these journeys on her low income and pension credit.

Thankfully, Acts 435 donors stepped in to help provide Maureen with the funds for petrol and hospital parking. What a big difference this small gift, given by our community of donors, will have for Maureen as she recovers. She said:

I have never had to rely on anyone in my life until I became ill suddenly, what a shock that was! The last three months have been so difficult, my life has changed so much; I can't walk without a walker and I have to rely on people to help me with the basics such as shopping, etc. However, how blessed I am to have such amazing people around me to care for and support me, I thank you so very much. But to those people who donated this gift, I may not ever meet you, but you will always have a place in my heart. I wish you all a long and healthy life! God bless you all and my thanks will never be enough.

*name changed