Providing welcoming spaces to bring joy

Lisa* is a single mother to seven children. They have recently been rehoused into a much bigger property to give them the space they desperately needed. However, the upstairs had no carpet, and mum wanted her children to have a warm, safe space for her children. The local Advocate posted a request to carpet the children's' bedrooms, which was quickly met. On hearing the news, Lisa said:

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your incredible generosity. As a single mother of seven young children, life has presented numerous challenges, and your support has made an immeasurable difference to us. Recently, we were fortunate enough to be rehoused in a larger property, providing the much-needed space for my family. While this new home offers us comfort and a fresh start, it lacks floor coverings on all levels except the ground floor. This situation has been particularly difficult for my children, who need a warm and safe environment to grow and thrive.

Thanks to your kindness and support, we can now look forward to carpeting the children's bedrooms, making them cozy and welcoming spaces where they can feel secure and at ease. Your help has not only improved our living conditions but has also lifted a significant burden off my shoulders, allowing me to focus on nurturing my family.

Words cannot fully capture the depth of my appreciation, but please know that your generosity has brought immense relief and joy to our lives. We are incredibly grateful for your compassion and the tangible impact it has had on our daily lives.