Saving food, and money

H, from Barnsley was in desperate need of a replacement fridge freezer as she has found herself struggling to make ends meet, due to being dependant on benefit and the rise in the cost of food and energy bills. She has two children and cares for her father. H was lost without her fridge freezer and by not being able to store food freshly, which became very expensive. Acts 435 donors supported H to buy a replacement fridge freezer, which helped to reduce the stress and worry she was under.

When the local Advocate told H that the funds had been raised here is what they said:

"H was so relieved to receive the support she needed to buy a replacement fridge freezer as she has struggled for a number of months without one which has been very difficult for her and her children. H stated it will make such a huge difference to her family now that she doesn't have to constantly throw food away because it's not been stored in a fridge. H will be able to manage her money more effectively now that she has a Fridge Freezer and reduce the worrying this has caused."

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