Support at the right time

S, from Barnsley, has 3 young children and has been accessing support from our partner charity for a number of years. She was struggling to pay her rent and buy food, due to relying on benefits and the increase in daily costs. S asked her local Advocate for help to buy the school uniform needed for her son to move up to secondary school. The worry about this was impacting her mental health, and so the Advocate posted a request for help onto the Acts 435 website.

When S heard the news that the money had been raised to purchase the school uniform she said:

Please pass on my thanks to everyone who has supported me with my application to help buy a new school uniform for my son who is moving up to Secondary School. As a single parent, with three children, I struggle to make ends meet, but with the generosity I have been given, it will be one less thing to worry about, knowing my son will have the uniform he needs for September. Thank you all.