The blessings of a bike

B is a young asylum seeker from Ethiopia, who has recently been granted refugee status in the UK. B is living in Hull and was receiving support from Princes Avenue Methodist Church. He was in need of support to buy a bicycle, helmet and lock, to enable him to attend training centres and English classes. An affordable mode of transport offered B the opportunity to take part in community activities, make friends, and become immersed in local life. As he began adjusting to life in the UK, B was finding it increasingly difficult to get out as public transport was expensive and unreliable in his area.

Thanks to the request posted by our advocate at Princes Avenue Methodist Church in Hull, £80 was given by generous donors which enabled B to buy a second hand bicycle. The advocate sent on this thank you message explaining how greatly appreciated the gift was and how beneficial it has been to B, not just as a mode of transport, but also as a way of staying fit and exercising!

"B remains very grateful for the kindness and generosity shown to him. He is now the proud owner of a bicycle which he says has given him a "new life". He is now able to attend more educational and social activities in the local community. He also attends regular English classes which he hopes will enable him to seek employment in future. He says the bicycle has considerably reduced his travel costs but not only that - is also keeping him fit and healthy! He was unsure how or where to exercise, but this gift from you has offered him so much life! Thank you." - advocate, Princes Avenue Methodist Church