The gift of a final goodbye

D is a Christians Against Poverty (CAP) client who is on a tight budget to repay his debts. His brother-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer and he wanted to be able to visit him and talk to him about his faith before he died. The journey was an 800-mile round trip and the visits had put a real toll on his budget, which was causing him emotional strain. The CAP Centre Manager requested £120 towards petrol costs to ease the burden on D's finances, and make sure that he could visit his brother-in-law.

D was so grateful for the gift, and said: "Thank you so much for this gift. Because the spiralling cost of petrol for the trips to visit my dying brother-in-law was taking its toll on me mentally as well as the physical strain of so much driving. This final trip that you have paid for turns out to have been our last because my brother-in-law passed away peacefully during that visit and we were there praying for him at the end. It meant so much that my wife and I were there with him to say goodbye so thank you."