The gift of freedom for mum and child

We recently received this request for help from our Home Start partner in Kernow, Cornwall.

They are supporting Edward (pictured right) and his mum at their centre, and knew how life changing a specialist chair would be for them both.


Edward was born under traumatic circumstances and sustained a leak on the brain. He has many limiting movements and this means that when he is out of the house, he has to be lying down as he does not have core strength to sit or bend his legs to change position. This limits his vision of the world around him and his independence. The local Advocate said in the request for help: "Mum would love for him to have a specialist chair which would be used in all situations, even at the beach! Unfortunately, she is a full-time carer to her son and is on benefits, so she is unable to afford to pay for the chair."

Since receiving this much-needed item, Edward's mum said:

"The GoTo [seat] allows Edward to sit with support, keeping his hands free for more fun! It can be used anywhere he needs it and stops him slumping to one side. Having this is going to make such a difference in how much Edward can join in activities and makes things like shopping and using public transport a lot easier. He's used it at playgroup, in the shopping trolley and at preschool so far, it's lovely to be able to have my hands free to play with him. Thank you for helping my son."