The gift of time with family this Christmas

S lives in Burnely and is coming up to retirement. She has a zero hours contract and receives Universal Credit. She's been in her house for 40 years, she brought up her son there, who was murdered twenty years ago. Because she has spare bedrooms, she pays a spare room supplement, but doesn't want to move due to the memories that the house holds for her, and the family. Because of this debts keep building and she can't keep up with her bills, and approached her local Christians Against Poverty centre at her church for help.

Whilst the church has been helping her to resolve her debts they found out that she had told her four children and eleven grandchildren that she wouldn't be able to get them anything for Christmas. The Acts 435 Advocate there was able to post a request on behalf of S, which would enable her "to get a few small gifts, which would mean the world to her."

Acts 435 donors stepped in to help S, and provided her with £100 to buy some presents. The local Advocate, on giving the money to S said:

S was so worried about asking for help. She has been overwhelmed by the generosity of this gift. Being able to get each of her grandchildren a small gift this Christmas has lifted a massive amount of shame for her. She's asked me to pass on that you've saved Christmas for her. She was going to spend it alone as she didn't want to go around to her family empty handed. Thank you so much again.

If you're able to 'save Christmas' for someone who is struggling this Christmas take a look at the needs on our website: