Turning worry into happy times

This grandmother went into her local social supermarket in Poole, and asked for some food vouchers so that she could afford to save up for her grandson's school uniform. The local Acts 435 at the social supermarket offered to put a request for the uniform on the website, so that she could continue to pay the bills for her and her grandchild. The Advocate posted the request, and wrote:

This poor child has been through so much over the last year, watching his mum in a bad place. Let us help him reduce the stress of going to a new school, which can be daunting when he already knows some of the children. This is a fresh start for him- let's make him happy!

Acts 435 donors contributed towards this need, for grandmother and grandson, and the grandmother wrote this:

We are a family wanting to thank all the wonderfully kind people who have helped us with the things we truly could not afford! You have helped us beyond words in these very tough times, you have turned our worries into happy times. We had to make choices between household bills and food, making me feel we were letting our children down. Your kindness has reduced me to tears. Being able to buy the school clothes for my grandson, words never seem enough, but they really do come from my heart, with love. Times are very bleak at the moment. Without the support of Poole Waste Not Want Not, who are all amazing and led by great people, I don't know what I would have done. So, hand on heart, I thank each and every one of you and you are all in my prayers.

Thank you to all Acts 435 donors for giving towards many families needs for school uniform this summer holidays.