Vital placement for a fresh start

C, from Newcastle, has ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome. He committed a crime at 16 years old which has followed him around ever since, making it difficult to get a job. Because of this his mental health has declined and he is not in a position to hold down a job. He is enthusiastic about helping others and has been involved in a football club for many years now, which does a lot of charitable work. This has been his safe space and community.

To be able to gain more voluntary placements he needed an ID and a driving licence, and the local Advocate asked Acts 435 for help with these.

C was so grateful for being enabled to carry on with these vital placements, and here is what he said:

“Thank you for helping me get my Provisional Licence and Passport back. This is going to help me go far with my work with the football club and will enable me to travel to their matches, as I learn my coaching. As my knee has packed in, I can’t play as often, but I am being taught all of the behind the scenes stuff that helps run the club. Since I can’t get a conventional job, this is like a family to me and I’m thankful to be able to progress as far as I can with these assets.”

C is now able to carry on with his placements at the football club while gaining useful experience, as well as improving his mental health.