Claire, Rainbow Money

Advocate Spotlight - Claire Daniels

Claire has been a firm supporter and advocate of Acts 435 for years. She works at a debt centre in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, called Rainbow Money. This is run in conjunction with Community Money Advice. Acts 435 has been a really useful resource for her as she meets with her clients, struggling with debt and unable to afford many basic items.

The Rainbow Centre is a great example of the church really connecting with the community with a number of activities run to engage with people in the local area. Whilst still a tourist attraction, Scarborough faces many of the issues that British seaside towns face with high unemployment and poor health.

I love the variety of requests Claire posts - from shoes for children to accommodation costs and her stories have often been featured. 3 in particular spring to mind:

  • a grandma who couldn't afford the travel costs to visit her grandchildren at Christmas. When Claire went to give her the money raised, she found the grandma had turned the heating off to try and save. Acts 435 may well have prevented a hospital visit as the lady was unwell and struggling alone in the cold.
  • a prom dress for a young carer whose parents had absolutely no resources to enable her to enjoy such an event (see video to meet her)
  • help with petrol for a couple expecting twins who needed to travel from Scarborough to Leeds twice a week for scans during the pregnancy, putting a huge strain on an already tight budget. I was privileged to meet these little babies in Scarborough's special baby unit.

Claire is enthusiastic and a true Acts 435 advocate, willing to speak up for those in need and spread the word about Acts 435.