Gordon, East Oldham Methodist Church

Advocate Spotlight - Gordon

Gordon Roscoe is the Minister for East Oldham Methodist Church - a very busy role as you might imagine. He has been an Acts 435 advocate for around 2 years. Acts 435 has minimal administration, but there is still the need to meet with those in need, post their requests, get the money/item to the applicant and write feedback for the donors.

Gordon's role therefore becomes one of managing the requests online - posting them based on information Michelle has supplied, and ensuring the paperwork is up-to-date.

Meeting them and seeing them in action it was clear this is a partnership that works. Gordon openly admits he wouldn't have the time to meet with those in need in the way Michelle does, whilst Michelle is quick to say she doesn't feel comfortable managing the online stuff.

Oldham is a town that suffers multiple-deprivation. A huge racial mix of peoples, really poor housing stock, high unemployment following the decline of manufacturing in the town. Some of the poorest people in the country living in some of the worst houses that are expensive to heat and maintain. The need for assistance is acute.

As well as running a Job Club, Michelle has spread the word within Oldham about Acts 435 and gets a number of referrals through from probation. She tells me she is delighted to have helped people with house deposits to get their own flat and prevent homelessness as well as many other needs such as carpets, a fridge, even dental treatment.

See this video to give a flavour of what Acts 435 has done for Oldham Job Club members.