A fresh start for the new year

At Acts 435 we often support requests for help with counselling fees, which often help to give a fresh start, hope and recovery. You can read more about how we support counselling requests here.

This impact story is all about receiving the right help, at the right time, for the new year.

S is 17, and was suffering from intrusive thoughts coupled with anxiety. She was seeking help to understand her feelings and be educated on how to cope with her dark feelings. She has a busy mind and finds it hard to relax and overcome her anxieties. She asked her local Advocate for help with funding for some counselling sessions, which might help her to move forward.

Her request for help was fulfilled by 6 individual donors, giving what they can to meet S'd need. The request was fully funded in just 2 days!

On hearing the news that her request had been met, just after Christmas, S said:

"I could not believe that my funding had come through so fast. Oh, what an extra Christmas present that was. I thank all of you lovely people who donated to my request so I could get peace of mind and stop hurting so much. I was seen originally before the funding came in, which did worry me a bit, however, I should have had more faith in other people because you have proven there are people in this world who still care, and you are amongst them. Having had this in advance, it is really starting to help me and now I can continue in 2023. Thank you all."