Helping to reunite a family

Acts 435 often helps refugees and asylum seekers who are being supported by our partner churches and charities.

This impact story is about V, who is a young Ukrainian mother whose baby was born in England seven months ago. The baby’s father is still in Ukraine and hasn't seen his baby yet. She needed to obtain documents from London to enable her to visit Ukraine, so that her husband could meet his child for the first time. She did not have the money to travel to London, or for the translation of the necessary documentation.

Acts 435 donors stepped in to help her, and her family, to be reunited. This is what V had to say on hearing the news that her need had been met.

"Hello team! I want to thank you for your financial support in my important issue. It was a real pleasure for me to receive help from your organisation. This money helped me start the paperwork process for my baby. I am now alone with the baby, and I do not have financial support from other people, unfortunately. Now it was very expensive for me and I would not be able to cover all the costs for them alone, otherwise I would have to go to London twice to submit them. I am very grateful to you, thank you!"

Thank you for helping to reunite a family who have been through so much over the last two years, what a helping hand at a stressful time.

If you would like to support another family or individual who are seeking refuge or asylum, take a look at their needs here.